Course Description

Astrologer; Author

Julie Simmons

Julie has been an astrologer since the early 1970s which tells you a lot. Once bitten by the astrological frame of mind there was no turning back. it's a lifelong passion which lends itself to all sorts of symbolic languages including tarot. She is first and foremost a writer, teacher and interpreter of astrology. As above, so below. If you would like to learn more about her life story you can find information here.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Part 1: A Deeper look at Astrological Houses

    • House Keeping

    • Categories of Houses

    • Journey through the Houses

  • 3

    Part Two: My Eighth House

    • Your 8th house – Your Raw Material

    • Activity

    • EighthVisualization A

    • EighthVisualization B

    • Care and Management of Secrets

    • Activity

    • Your 8th House in Detail

    • Questions Regarding Your 8th House

  • 4

    Part Three: Who takes the journey?

    • The Ascendant

    • Activity

    • Visualization

    • Self Defense

    • Activity

    • Transformation

  • 5

    Part Four: Considerations

    • Things to Think About

    • Projection

    • Activity

    • More about Projection

    • Desire

    • Renunciation

    • Loss

    • Love

    • Anxiety

    • The End So Far